Mission 1 Lac Triveni

“Triveni is when neem, peepal and bargad/banyan grow together in a pit.


Vertical garden – is a garden that grows upward (vertically)

A wonderful alternative to potted plants suitable for small spaces also. 




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We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It.

Giving back to make a positive impact and improve your community.


Expertise and commitment to the environment
Addressing the global issues at most basic level

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Our profits support the disadvantaged women and special needs children 


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7 Reasons To Gift A Plant- Inviting Nature In Our Celebrations

7 Reasons To Gift A Plant- Inviting Nature In Our Celebrations

Special days, special memories. We all wish to make our special days last forever. Is there any special way to do it? People tend to celebrate occasions through parties, vacations and some through social work like donating blankets, clothes and blood. I have one of my...

Triveni- The Incredible Environment Purifier ( Mission- 1 lakh)

Triveni- The Incredible Environment Purifier ( Mission- 1 lakh)

Triveni-Wondering what the title means? Let’s discover.  “Triveni '' is when neem  (Azadirachta indica), peepal (Ficus religiosa), and bohar (Ficus benghalensis) grow together in a pit. When they reach up to a height of 6-7 feet, they are made to meet...

Parijai`s vision is to bring the people close to the nature and to provide the common platform for all the innovative
ideas to create best out of waste with motive to promote herbal life under “Go Green” Concept by utilizing services of
women force from all the level of society.

Our Clients 



  •  Shakuntala Devi Foundation
  • Various slums & independent groups

Tery Singla

I am happy and feeling refreshed at home and at the office with Vertical Gardens setup by Parijai

Dr. Nidhi Jaswal

Senior Scientist, PGIMER

The quality of the product is excellent and I am satisfied with the delivery of services

Lovepreet kaur

Student at Sliet Longowal, District Sangrur

Excellent organization

Himanshoo Khosla

Member, Tere Naam

Wonderful, waiting for more sessions with you.
You and your team is do creative.


Very good

Parmod Kumar

Student, Bhai Gurdas Institute of Technology and Engineering, Sangrur

Parijai is very helpful for us. They provide lot of things.

Dr. Rishu Bansal


To be honest, I don’t know how you manage to do such a good job every single time. Very well done! Ekta.




Renuka khanna


Parijai” and upcoming market to satisfy all your plantation needs under one roof.

Parul Agarwal


I can rely on your advice as to the plants with eyes blindfolded.



Great work… Keep doing this good job! Asked about the plant… And I received the great answers and who take the care of my plant well!!

Arshdeep Kaur Longia

Student, MCM DAV College, Chandigarh

Best quality plants provided by Parijai. By following the care guide, I got my succulents to bloom. The sight is so lovely.
Thank you Parijai Genus.

Poonam Bakshi

Program Officer, U.T Health Deptt

Excellent, very beautiful green house, customer support is great wonderful service delivery and very creative ideas of flower pots.

Tanu Mahajan

Community Manager, Workcave Coworking, Chandigarh

Fantastic service, friendly, and very affordable good quality plants. 5 Stars!

Monika Mehndiratta

William Osler Health Carr System

Due to pandemic, I couldn’t see my parents. I live in Canada and my parents are in India. Pandemic made my mother paranoid. They couldn’t go outside. To engage my parents in some activity at home, I ordered plants from Parijai. They created a mini garden at my parents house. Now mom takes care of all these plants like her kids. She is busy all the time, and doesn’t feel lonely.Thanks to parijai for their services and thanks to Ekta for giving me peace of mind.



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