We all are living in a world 🌍 which is full of natural resources but we are unable to use these resources because we don’t know how to use them in a effective way and we don’t know it’s much benefits. Natural resources include :🎄 trees, shrubs, herbs 🌿, rivers, etc
In the past, people used to live in forest and cure their diseases with the help of natural herbs because at that time ⌚ there were no ready made medicines available to them. Natural herbs 🌿 include:Tulsi, Turmeric, Mint, Aloevera, Neem, Rosemary, etc. They knew the disease healing properties of these herbs. These are also known as kitchen herbs because these are used in kitchen as well. Today AYURVEDIC MEDICINE is more preferred by people over any other form of medicine. So today we will know the properties of NEEM. Neem’s scientific name is “AZADIRACHTA INDICA”  and it is a native tree 🎄 to the India 🇮🇳. Every part of it is useful whether it is neem leaf 🍃, bark, root, 🌱 seed. It’s benefits are as under –
#1-Neem leaf 🍃 is used for leprosy, eye 👁 disorders, bloody nose 👃, stomach upset, heart ♥ diseases, fever, diabetes, liver problems, etc
#2-Neem is best known for it’s anti-aging effects.
#3-Neem water 💦 is useful in clearing acne, pigmentation, scars, etc.
#4-Neem is anti – fungal and anti – bacterial.
#5-Neem juice is very healthy.
#6-Neem tea ☕ is very good for health.
#7-Neem oil 🛢 is very useful.
#8-Neem face wash protects the skin from harmful UV rays, pollution, etc.
There as many benefits of natural herbs.. So one should go for natural remedies instead of taking other form of medicines.
Shruti Ohri

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