Benefits of Insulin Plant

Costus igneus, commonly known as Insulin plant in India, belongs to the family Costaceae. Consumption of its leaves is believed to lower blood glucose levels, and diabetics who consumed the leaves of this plant did report a fall in their blood glucose levels.  A leaf–a-day, keeps diabetes away is the famous saying about this plant. Diabetes is a disease of metabolism, where body is not able to synthesis sufficient insulin or the blood cells stop responding to the insulin produced in the body. The leaves of insulin plant contain mostly of Corosolic Acid which is beneficial in controlling diabetic. Its leaves strengthen the beta cells of the pancreas in the human body, thus balancing the insulin levels.

A number of studies and researches have been done to assess the anti-diabetic properties and potential of the insulin Plant. Besides, it’s been demonstrated to have various pharmacological activities like hypolipidemic (cholesterol lowering), diuretic, antioxidant, anti- inflammatory and anti-cancerous.

What does the insulin plant look like?

The plant has large fleshy leaves. The undersides of the leaves are smooth and dark green with light purple shade. The leaves are spirally arranged around the stem. The maximum height reaches up to 2 feet. The dried leaves are used in making of ayurvedic medicines. The flowers are orange in color. Flowering occurs during the warm months. The species reproduce vegetative by rhizome and birds disperse seeds when they feed on the fruits. Propagation is by stem cutting.

Here are some benefits of Insulin

  1. Curing Diabetes

 Insulin is a magical cure for diabetes. Consumption of its leaves reduces blood sugar level.  Regular consumption of the leaves can aid in preventing the onset of chronic health complications developed as a result of diabetes. The plant is a magic wand for the ill-effects of diabetes.

  1. Natural Pre-biotic to Smooth Digestion

The leaves have high level of natural fructose which smoothen the colon functioning system. It improves digestion by acting as a natural pre-biotic and promotes the growth of good bacteria in the gut which aids in better nutrient absorption and digestion.

  1. Anti-Bacterial

The anti bacterial properties of Insulin help to kill the unwanted bacteria in the body. The methanolic extracts of flower and stem of C. pictus possess in vitro antioxidant activity against oxidative protein damage. It can protect your body from bacterial infections due to its antibacterial properties. So, say bye-bye to bacterial infections.

  1. Natural Antioxidant

The plant has antioxidant properties which help in destroying free radicals and protects body from several health disorders.  The antioxidant properties of the herb are concentrated in the methanolic extracts found in the rhizomes and leaves of the plant.

  1. Liver Illness

Liver dysfunction can lead to many disorders. It is very important to take care of your liver through your diet. Insulin leaf consumption will help to improve the health of the liver by eroding the poison slowly out from the liver. As the plant can break down the fat deposits and unnecessary toxins in the liver, it can treat liver problems and keep your liver healthy.

  1. Anti- inflammatory

Leaves promote smooth airflow in lungs. Thus, help to alleviate the symptoms of asthma and bronchitis and also aids in curing sore throat. Its potion can be consumed in winters as well to keep the common cold away.

  1. Kidney Health

Insulin plant has sodium and water retention capacity and diuretic property. Hence, it can improve the health of your both bladder and kidney by increasing urination rate. The increased urination rate prevents the development of kidney stones which can cause severe urination problems in the long run if not treated early.

  1. Immunity Enhancer


The changes in our lifestyle have made us much more sensitive to various elements which are constantly leading to a decrease in immunity level. This can be prevented to some extent by use of this plant. The antioxidant properties of the herb are effective in improving your immune system. It removes the toxins such as free radicals. Regular consumption can improve the immune system and shield your body from any illness.


  1. Blood Pressure Reducing

Hypertension has become very common now days due to our unhealthy diet intake. Fatty foods lead to increase in the blood pressure and can cause damage our body. Insulin herb is known to turn down hypertension. Regular consumption of the herb will aid in reducing high levels of blood pressure and calming the heart.

  1. Cancer Prevention

Preventing is always better than cure. Some studies showed that the Insulin plant has anti-proliferative and anti-cancerous properties. So, it can prevent cancer by killing bad cells and you can stop fearing cancer.

  1. Cholesterol Reducing


It also can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. And thereby, prevent cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it minimizes bad cholesterol and rises up the good cholesterol.


CAUTION: Pregnant women and lactating mothers should avoid the consumption of Insulin plant as it affects the hormonal balance.


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