Vertical Gardens

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Our Specialties

Living Green Walls

Modular system with LW panels of size 30cm X 30cm X 10cm can be installed to any size and its weight is 7-8 kg per sqft when fully saturated with water. Plant Density in this module varies from 18-20 plants per sqft. The Plant pockets are tilted at 30 Degree which makes the module hold the soilless media & helps the plant to grow effectively. Developed by ELT India.


Tripot Green Walls

LLDP Material Based 18×6 inches frame with 3 pots covering 1.4 sqft area with drip irrigation System & Soilrite Mix & Plants. Plant Density in this module varies from 3-6 plants per module covering approx. 0.75 sqft area. Single 18×6 inches modular frame holds three separate pots that can be fixed or removed easily.


Overhead Pergola

Green Wall system having foliage on both faces makes it aesthetically beautiful & a proper system usable for forming a partition. Each planter covers 7×5 inches area in powder-coated metal trays which carries 2-3 plants every six inches. Placement of Agropots in these metal trays makes it a self-watering system in which plants planted in pots suck in excess water from metal trays when required. Developed by ELT India.

Terrace Garden

Nature is our best friend. Due to urbanization, we are left with no land to grow our green friends and enjoy nature. A terrace garden or a green roof – is a solution. Create a piece of nature on your terrace. Terrace garden retains rainwater, increases the flow of oxygen and regular evaporation keeps the surface cool and hence maintains the temperature of the building.

 Both Side Greenery

Linear Green

System can give one side or both side greenery. Perfect choice for the vertical kitchen garden. Modular Trays allows you to grow various herbs or vegetables which can be fitted as per the area available. 12×24 inches trays with saplings of various plants have a 1-1.5 ft gap between adjacent layers which varies according to the height of plants grown. Developed by ELT India.

Vertical Kitchen Garden

Further herbs (Natural medicines), vegetables can be grown and used fresh by installing a vertical kitchen garden at your rooftop, balcony, or any small or big space.

Both Side Greenery

Sample Rooftop Garden

  1. Three layered Kitchen garden with each layer of 46sqft, Total 138 sqft.
  2. Planters 12″-18″ diameter with Plumeria Alba 4″-5″ in front side 30X1.5 ft. Total 45sqft.
  3. Grass covered area is 200 sqft.

Customized Green wall

Customized green wall using LW panels of size 30cm X 30cm X 10cm  

Why Vertical Garden?

Bring Your Green Friends Close To You

Be Close To Nature

Be Happy And Stay Healthy


  • Improves air quality
  • Natural cooler
  • Natural sound proofing barrier
  • Controls rainwater flow 


  • Reduces   stress
  • Improves efficiency


  • Protects exterior from UV radiation
  • Reduces climatic stress on building
  • Reduced cost on the painting materials
  • Good aesthetic look will increase property value
  • Increased foot traffic in retail spaces
  • Less demand upon power,


Main factors For Vertical Gardening

  • Plant selection and design
  • Irrigation
  • Growth media
  • Calculation of structural loads
  • Plant maintenance
  • Registered manufactures and trained installers

Design to Maintenance

Our objective is to serve from deisgn to maintenance.

“Vertical garden is an innovative technology that helps to stay with nature”

We serve all over the Country!

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