The first few days of the lockdown seemed enjoyable but as days went by, many people started feeling degrees of anxiety, restlessness and despair. I believe, keeping yourself positive and calm during this horrendous catastrophe and controlling your mind when it keeps throwing out what if scenarios, like- “Will my family be safe?”, “what if I get infected?”, “How will I spend my days?” and “Will the world come to an end?”.There is already too much negativity in the world and you should make sure that you aren’t contributing to it.

The corona virus has transformed our life as we know it. Schools are closed, we’re confined to our homes and the future feels very uncertain. Even though school buildings are shuttered, that doesn’t mean learning has stopped. On-line learning is a new method that both teachers and students have adopted so quickly but we are missing sports, competitions, extracurricular activities, social plans, vacations etc. The circumstance has taught us many lessons.
Digital access must be seen as a utility now, thanks to the internet that we could continue to run schools and offices on line but students throughout the world could not access online learning tools without broadband.
Restaurants are closed but people took this opportunity to try making variety of dishes at home.
We have learned how much we need an early warning system for future crises, whether from climate change or pandemics like this. WHO needs to be more proactive in future.
Washing hands actually works. Personal hygiene is very important. Use of regular sanitizer, washing hand, using masks is very important not during the pandemic but in normal life as well, to stop the spread of virus or flu.
The world is wildly connected. The whole world has come together to fight this crisis. I have seen countries are helping each other for supply of foods, personal protective equipments and medicines. Health care workers are amazing and we owe them a huge debt, same for grocery store employees, delivery men and many other essential workers who keep us going.
COVID-19 showed us, that the globe lacks the ability to assemble a powerful intensive care capacity. This is now a clear challenge for world leaders. People will have mental and emotional health issues for a long time after this crisis, Life won’t be the same after—and that’s o.k.
Most people think that contributing to society is a duty of those who have already settled down comfortably and do not have much to do because it would not make much difference even if the average person tried to contribute to society. But people are wrong about this. If everyone has the determination to do so, they will make a change to the society.
You need not to be a millionaire to indulge in social work perhaps there are many, many ways to contribute towards society. Listing a few points off on top of my mind.
Fund raising, recycling waste, Keep your surroundings clean, Blood Donation, Plant trees, Charity, Free education, Foods, helping for basic needs of homeless people, follow environmental laws etc
By making an effort to contribute to society and encouraging those around you to do the same we can indeed make this world a better place to grow. And thus, then only we can enter the future we so dreamed of.

Arshdeep Kaur Longia 

BSc medical 

MCM DAV College,Chandigarh 


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    Lockdown showed us different aspects of life

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    lockdown experience

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