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Lucky palm , Lily and Succulent
A hand painted terracotta designer pot + Soilrite mix + Stone arrangement + Lucky palm + Lily and Succulent all 3 in 1 pot.



Lucky palm , Lily and Succulent All 3 in 1 pot.
1. A hand painted terracotta designer pot painted in pink, golden and green metallic color.

2. Lucky palms are great to create dividers due to their sheer size. They inject a bit of natural appeal with their breezy and tropical feel. Apart from attracting good energy, palms activate any missing Feng Shui element within a room.

3. The lily is incredible for pollinators, attracting insects with its large colorful flowers and tasteful nectar. Certain species of lily are pollinated by wind, while others are pollinated by bees! Lilies have large petals that can be white, yellow, orange, red, purple or pink in color. They can even have freckles!

4. Succulent – excellent at cleansing the air and removing toxins. … The same applies to your home, the more plants you have, especially in groupings, the better you can improve the humidity in your home that can prevent dry skin, colds, sore throat and dry cough.

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