We all are very much familiar with these simple-seeming words with their deep meaning. We’ve come across these words a hundred times but how many times you think you’ve actually paid attention to them and tried to understand the logic and need of introducing them to the world. Millions of tons of waste are produced every year. Where it comes from we all know- houses, offices, restaurants, industries. The main problem is how to handle and minimize this bulk.
Reducing waste, reusing matter, and products and recycling them after use are some of the mightiest ways by which individuals can safeguard our environment. Now the question arises,

‘Why should I Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3R)?’
So, here’s why you should get involved as the 3 R’s concept helps in
• Economize energy
• Avert environmental problems that arise due to landfills
• Put a stop to pollution.
• Saving money🤑
• Conserving resources for our future generation
• Cut down emissions from industries
• Creating employment
• Decreasing the need for new landfills and incinerators
• Reducing mining activities which means less destruction to wildlife and forests.
Reducing the bulk of rubbish you generate is an eminent move towards serving our mother earth. Here’s what you can do:
• Say NO to plastic bags. These are the worst that you can provide the earth with.
• Select packaging with less waste
• Avoid using plastic ware and paper plates, use dishware that can be washed
• Buy things that you will use in the immediate future


Many frequently thrown away units are readily usable in their current form. Instead of tossing an item in the trash bin, you can think of alternatives of using it again or giving it to someone who needs it. Also, it can be repaired if possible.
Give your discards a chance of second life by holding a yard sale or donating them at charitable outlets. Donate used books to the library.


The energy used to assemble a product is a direct energy cost. The energy used to procure raw materials – for transportation, distribution, and even disposal contributes to indirect energy costs. Adopt the composting method to discard most of the household waste.
What all can be recycled?-
 Newspapers
 Magazines
 Steel/aluminum cans
 Cardboards
 Glass/plastic bottles

Recycling facts
1. Recycling the steel from 6 cars can provide enough steel framing for a 2000 square foot building.
2. Recycling 1 aluminum can save sufficient energy to power a television for 3 hours.
3. If not recycled, o.95 liters of used motor oil could pollute a large amount of drinking water.
4. Energy saved from recycling helps the environment by reducing energy-related air pollution.


• I refrigerate the used tea bags and place them over my eyes to reduce puffiness, soothe insect bites and minor burns and then add the contents in the bag to my garden soil.               
• I wrap the holiday lights onto my empty toilet rolls to prevent them from tangling.
• Cut fabric into rags for outdoor and indoor cleaning.
• Store plastic bags for my future shopping trips.
• Sprinkle eggshells on the soil below plants which help to boost growth due to calcium in them.                                       
• Orange and lemon peels are crushed and used as a face and body scrub.                 
• I love painting, so instead of buying a color palette, I use egg tray holes to mix colors and to grow small plants.                   
• Glass jar is used as an outdoor windproof candle by adding beeswax votive, provided the container is heat resistant. Aha, the decoration looks so adorable.



• Soap silvers are either added to the next bar or made into a handmade loofah sponge by placing them in small mesh bags.                                           


Landfills release a large amount of methane which contributes to climate change. This is the most common practice nowadays.


Encourage everyone to recycle, Switch to natural resources like solar energy and wind energy. Cut your energy bills by using sunlight to light up your house, use energy-saving globes. Switch off lights and equipment when not in use. Don’t use single drink plastic bottles instead use refill bottles. Don’t throw items but recycle them, about 90% of your waste can be recycled. Save our planet’s natural resources and keep the environment clean. Maintaining a clean environment is a human’s responsibility.


We are capable of coming up with new ideas with just a little effort. It’s the collective responsibility and it only takes little effort to do so, we just need to change our mindset.




Arshdeep Kaur Longia

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