7 Reasons To Gift A Plant- Inviting Nature In Our Celebrations

Special days, special memories. We all wish to make our special days last forever. Is there any special way to do it?

People tend to celebrate occasions through parties, vacations and some through social work like donating blankets, clothes and blood. I have one of my close friends donating blankets and grocery items to streetside beggars and blind homes and even donating blood on their birthday every year. This is indeed a good practice to make each birthday more meaningful. 

But, is there any more creative way that can benefit us as well as our upcoming generations? Is there any way of saying thanks to nature or showing gratitude for providing us with such incredible life resources? Is it possible to involve our surroundings in our celebrations?

So many questions but the answer lies with the colour green. Give it a thought, while we provide you with a new gifting idea.

Giving An Opportunity To Plants

From birthdays to anniversaries, we always fall short of gifting options. Indeed, we all have so much to choose from. 

We bet you must not have ever thought of gifting plants to your loved ones on special occasions. You read that right, plants can be the best and memorable gifts to someone. It is surely an out of the box idea. The materialistic gifts start depreciating with time whereas plants become our companions and stay for a longer period if taken care of properly and sometimes these even become a legacy.

There are numerous and uncountable varieties of plants to choose from and so are their benefits. One plant can give birth to several plants. Let us help you scroll through the reasons for the same.

Gift A Plant

1.  Pleasure & Prevention:

Gifting someone a living plant means you are handing them the responsibility of taking care and keeping it alive. The person receives immense pleasure when it grows out to be a healthy plant. Growing something enhances self-esteem and boosts confidence.

Also, living plants restrict the occurrence of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), a very common issue nowadays. Its symptoms include anxiety, headache, dizziness, and lack of concentration. Place one on your child’s table.

2. Gift a plant For mental wellness:

In this time of stress and anxiety, people often don’t find emotional balance. We know there is no guidebook on how to manage stress and also be productive at the same time. Greenery is said to reduce stress and make one more productive. We can ensure that the person can function with a clear head by giving them plants that enhance the mood and lower down the stress level. The presence of a plant in the room or at the desk can help considerably in making the air fresher.

Caring for plants like watering them, fertilizing and watching them bloom is one of the great pleasures. It makes you feel alive and psychologically healthy. The satisfaction achieved from watching your plants grow ultimately leads to happiness and elation.  

A gift to nature without any reason

3.  Feng Shui :

Every plant has its Feng Shui energy which invites positive vibes to the place. The colour green is said to be associated with healing. So, gifting plant heals your near and dear ones.

  1. Peace lily
  2. Lucky bamboo
  3. Boston fern
  4. Areca palm
  5. Jade
  6. Golden Pothos (money plant)
  7. Snake plant
  8. Rubber plant
  9. Orchid
  10. Citrus trees

4. Aesthetic Value: 

While gifting a plant to your loved ones you will add a lot of aesthetics to their lives. Plants add a lot of vitality and brightness to the surroundings and lots of layers in the décor as well. They definitely add up to the aesthetic value of the place, be it the garden, indoors, balcony or office. Gift a plant to beautify someone’s place.

5. Value for Life: 

Gifting a plant is very beneficial for human beings and could be a great nutriment to the other species. As we know many insects like bees, butterflies, and beetles etc survive on flowers and plants. So be a contributor for some little lives.

6. Air purifiers

The most important value of some plants is that they purify air. NASA recommended air purifier plants not only produce oxygen but also remove volatile pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde and xylene, thus reducing the carbon footprint of a place. Adding this small practice of gifting plants to others will be a great initiative to boost this chain of creating a purified and clean environment around us.

Find out more: https://parijaigenus.com/radiation-free-homes-and-offices-10-indoor-plants/

Here are some plants:

  • Peace lily
  • Aloe vera
  • Pothos plant
  • Spider plant
  • English ivy 
  • Bamboo palm
  • Sansevieria 
  • Red-edged dracaena
  • Aglaonema

7. Gift a plant to give a push to the economy 

Sounds strange? But let me tell you in one sentence ‘The more we make the environment green, the purer air we will inhale, the more fresh air we get, the more we become healthy and so goes on with our country’s growth’. We need to be healthy for productivity and creativity and these factors are directly involved in improving the country’s economy.

A gift to nature on birthday

Karamveer Singh from Longowal planted a sapling on his 23rd birthday

8. Gift a plant without any reason

Not only for gifting, saplings can be planted on a special occasion. Like planting a tree on your birthday, anniversary, on a success celebration etc.

Moreover, planting a tree gives shade and fruit at a later stage. Give a thought and list all that we borrow from our nature. So, “Gift A Plant, Gift A Life”.

9. Gift a plant to yourself on a occasion

Planting a “Triveni” is the best gift one can gift to themselves on a birthday or special occasions to make it more memorable. Plant atleast 1 tree in your lifetime to give back to mother nature.

Is it not our responsibility to maintain and spread the positive and clean the negative?Here, you need to ponder a lot.

The Bottom line: Gift a plant on every occasion.

We are definitely sure that now there exist enough reasons for gifting a plant. Go give it a try and share your experiences with us in the chat box and also if you have more reasons besides the ones mentioned above, do share those also.

Every Corner Needs A Plant 

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