Spread Greenery To Your Small Spaces- Install A Vertical garden 

The Beginning Of The Vertical Garden Concept

Vertical gardens tend to take up less space, are easier to harvest and to maintain. Way back in 1938, Professor Stanley Harts White of the university Illinois created a unique concept- the Vegetation Bearing Architectonic Structure and System or what is in today’s era known as ‘Vertical Garden’. But actually the credit of popularizing and modernizing the concept goes to the French Botanist, Patrick Blanc who created green walls, particularly in Europe. 

Anybody can indulge in the pleasure of growing and harvesting their own food and attain its superior nutrition. Don’t crib about the lack of gardening space when vertical gardening is the best option to start growing up.  It is surely an amazing discovery.  These can be easily set up using your own skills or by hiring a professional. 

 Vertical Gardening Ideas:

  1. Hanging Pots

 Flat-finish paint and some sturdy rope will help get the job done. It’s imperative to keep in mind when building your garden that your support system can handle strong and gusty winds. Cherry tomatoes, strawberries and eggplant grow well in these pots.

  1. Tin Can Fence Garden

Sprays painted tin cans make absolutely adorable and extremely affordable planters. It is a good idea to reuse your tin cans instead of throwing them away which would lead only to piling up of waste.

  1. Traditional Trellis

This method is used to grow vining vegetables. You get a good harvest and a more neat and clean garden. Also, it’s easier to find all those hidden tomatoes. Beans, squash, melons and cucumbers can be grown through trellis. Make it strong enough so that it can withstand the weight of the plants.

  1. Tray Herb Garden

Herbs grow good and strong in this quite-large vertical tray system. Go for a strong wall and fasteners which are ready to support the weight of all the stuff that you put in.

  1. Pallet Tray System

You can build up this vertical garden with some plywood, landscaping cloth, and a pallet. Fill with soil and lay flat, and then put in seeds or seedlings into the slats.

  1. Bottle Garden

It is a herb garden which uses recycled bottles. They’re suspended on strings for easy caring. While some of the plants wouldn’t reach their full size due to the small container, there are enough plants to get herbs for a family. Environment lovers would go for this option without thinking much.

  1. Succulent Gardens

Living walls can help reduce the amount of cooling needed in the house. Succulents require less attention if watered properly. These are very much attractive. You may name it as the creative garden.                                                    

  1. Herbs in Baskets

You can grow nearly any herb in these beautiful hanging baskets, here are some good choices to start with as well as the most common:

  • Dill
  • Parsley
  • Thyme
  • Sage
  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Oregano
  1. Freestanding Garden

If you’d like to build your own vertical garden setup, here is a good idea. Build a small raised bed, put in these vertical angled supports. Lemongrass, petunia and tomatoes can grow in this type of garden.

  1. Pyramid Garden

Pyramid garden is a great option for smaller plants like lettuce and strawberries. It allows all your plants to experience the lush warm sunlight without interfering with other ones.

  1. Stair Garden

This amazing vertical garden has been transformed from an old staircase. The stair steps provide a good way for excess water to drain off down the unit and every plant receives adequate sunshine.

  1. A Shoe Organizer

You can make canvas pouches or use an old shoe organizer to make a creative Vertical Garden. So, don’t throw out your shoe organizer, use it for a vertical garden dear.

By now you would be probably buzzing with all the ideas of how you can build your own creative vertical garden. A vertical garden can be installed by anyone. You just need to follow some principles for the same. 

Try a vertical gardening system and let us know how it worked for you in the comment box!

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