Hi Guys today on world environment day when I was planting a tree today morning in a function on environment day. I shared the real importance of the tree which I myself felt with a small gathering. In the inaugural speech, I shared my own experience which changes my attitude towards tree plantation.

Approximately 8 years back when we shifted from Bathinda city to our newly constructed Villa in our township. Our Villa is a duplex villa East facing having glass opening every open side and very small sapling all around. The severe heat in the month of June hit directly leading to more heat inside the Villa than outside and AC kept on running almost 24 hrs. It is all sweating even after bathing and forced me to think some idea to cover the east and south side wall with some creepers etc. as saplings will take some years to become a tree. I was not able to find any solution at that time.

Author: Narender Kirar (Potential Miner Performance Steward)


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