Hello there, I am Peepal (the sacred fig). I would like to show you a picture of mine.

Polluted sacred treeHow was it? Adorable, right? I flourish in mother nature’s lap. She keeps me alive and makes me able to let you breathe the purest air. 

Now, here’s another picture of mine.

😔I feel sad looking at myself like this. What inference did you draw from it?

Does this place look like a worshipping spot?

Why am I left unattended when I equally and constantly serve humanity? 

I am said to be worshipped in this way. Do you know why I am worshipped? Trimurti resides in me; Brahma the roots, Vishnu the trunk and Shiva the leaves. Visnu was born under me and Buddha attained enlightenment under me. But, this is the wrong way of doing it.

Let me take you to the topic of discussion.

What is worship?

To show a strong feeling of admiration, respect or love for a God. But in today’s society modern worship has made its place like worshipping celebrities, cricket teams, etc. 

Worshipping Nature 

In a recent blog of ’15 Sacred Trees Native to India’, we mentioned the reason for worshipping trees and their importance. We hope you all gave it a read. Ancient scriptures do mention the worship of trees but in a decent manner. 

It’s not something new about the fact that people in India worship trees. But have you ever seen them polluting the same?  

Leaving the pooja articles, packets, polythenes and flowers scattered leaves a bad impression on the viewers. This all compiles up into waste. A bad lesson for children to take away. We place photographs of our gods around it and sometimes some idols also. But these are left behind unattended due to many reasons. This is called disrespect. The packets left behind fly away which come under the feet. Stray animals rest there which makes the place look more dirty. 

Moreover, food is also offered as prasad to the trees which is many times left as it is. The food is also getting disrespected. We don’t even notice that the smallest of the waste thrown piles up and it begins to look like a junkyard. It’s too late when we realize that. 

Our elders taught us how to worship but never told us to pollute the worshipping place. We misinterpreted what was told. There is a specific way for puja which avoids harming the environment and we all know it how. 

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