Raksha bandhan is a Hindu tradition wherein sister ties a bracelet on the wrists of her brother. This festival is followed from the era where Rani Draupadi tied Rakhi on the wrists of Lord Krishna. In Sanskrit, Raksha bandhan means “tie of protection”. This tradition marks the bond of love between siblings. A sister ties a silken read thread on her brothers wrists, in turn he vows to protect her. Sacred verses are spoken while tying this thread of protection. This festival marks the love of siblings and their intangible bond with each other.  On this day, both the brother and sister wish each other good health and peace, sealing it with a thread.

It is a tradition widely celebrated in Indian subcontinents. It had no scientific significance or theory displaying why is it important to mark such a day.  Is it really important? This question might hit some people who believe in facts rather than beliefs. This story answers clears our doubts.  It left an global impact and got me introspecting.

Raksha Bandhan to promise protection

Bridger Walker a 6-year old boy who saved his sister under baneful circumstances. They were attacked by an aggressive dog and this 6 year old saved his sister. This story was gained recognition globally through social media when a family member shared via instagram.  On 9th of July Bridger and his sister went to the backyard with one of their friends and there were a “nice” and a “mean” dog. The mean dog ran at them and Bridger stepped to the side, in front so he wouldn’t get to her sister.  He kept moving and then the dog latched onto his cheek. Even with the dog firmly latched on, Bridger yelled for his sister to “run”. Boy gets 90 stitches after saving little sister from dog attack ...

When the dog released him he ran onto his sister and moved to safer part of the yard.

While Bridger was in hospital, his father asked him why he stepped in front of the dog.

If someone had to die, I thought it should be me” Bridger reportedly told his father between scans, something his father found “challenging”.

This story went viral in seconds. His family wanted to share a message with the world to stand up and protect the most vulnerable or those the world might abandon. This story profoundly portrays the unseen bond between siblings. Also, how far can one go to protect his/her family.

This story is a beautiful depiction of love and that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. If you love , care and protect your family you’re a Hero.

Bridgers efforts were appreciated by Anne hathaway, Chris evans, Chris Hemsworth , Tom Holland  and many other reel life heroes.

With the fast evolving worlds traditions and festivals  are losing their importance and meaning. They might seem impractical to some people. Stories like these not only catch our attention but also gets us thinking. Traditions have evolved with time and for good.

“Traditions, if handled judiciously, can be great assets for society.” –Stated by  Madhu Kishwar .

In my opinion festivals and tradition are a emblem of togetherness and love. Rakhi symbolizes sentiments of brothers and sisters their affection and friendship.  This festival help in maintaining family bonds and makes this day a enrapturing experience.  Raksha bandhan

It starts with dressing up in traditional Indian clothes, preparation of foods, savory and sweet.  The house is decorated with flowers. A thali is prepared for pooja decorated on the bamboo plate with mirrors, round bowls, pearls etc. The thali contains chawal,sweets, diya and rakhi.

An exchange of gifts takes place after tying rakhi, which acts as promise to protect their sisters from any harm. This marks an exchange of sacred fellings and well wishing. An act of unity and a message of togetherness is proposed by celebrating Raksha bandhan.

I hope this rakhi is special for everyone. Love and cherish your family members. One day every year we cherish our bond with our siblings and wish them peace and happiness.  Let your brothers and sisters know that they mean the world to you.

Thank you!

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