Worshipping v/s Polluting Sacred Trees

Hello there, I am Peepal (the sacred fig). I would like to show you a picture of mine.

Polluted sacred treeHow was it? Adorable, right? I flourish in mother nature’s lap. She keeps me alive and makes me able to let you breathe the purest air. 

Now, here’s another picture of mine.

😔I feel sad looking at myself like this. What inference did you draw from it?

Does this place look like a worshipping spot?

Why am I left unattended when I equally and constantly serve humanity? 

I am said to be worshipped in this way. Do you know why I am worshipped? Trimurti resides in me; Brahma the roots, Vishnu the trunk and Shiva the leaves. Visnu was born under me and Buddha attained enlightenment under me. But, this is the wrong way of doing it.

Let me take you to the topic of discussion.

What is worship?

To show a strong feeling of admiration, respect or love for a God. But in today’s society modern worship has made its place like worshipping celebrities, cricket teams, etc. 

Worshipping Nature 

In a recent blog of ’15 Sacred Trees Native to India’, we mentioned the reason for worshipping trees and their importance. We hope you all gave it a read. Ancient scriptures do mention the worship of trees but in a decent manner. 

It’s not something new about the fact that people in India worship trees. But have you ever seen them polluting the same?  

Leaving the pooja articles, packets, polythenes and flowers scattered leaves a bad impression on the viewers. This all compiles up into waste. A bad lesson for children to take away. We place photographs of our gods around it and sometimes some idols also. But these are left behind unattended due to many reasons. This is called disrespect. The packets left behind fly away which come under the feet. Stray animals rest there which makes the place look more dirty. 

Moreover, food is also offered as prasad to the trees which is many times left as it is. The food is also getting disrespected. We don’t even notice that the smallest of the waste thrown piles up and it begins to look like a junkyard. It’s too late when we realize that. 

Our elders taught us how to worship but never told us to pollute the worshipping place. We misinterpreted what was told. There is a specific way for puja which avoids harming the environment and we all know it how. 

Type in your views in the comment box below.

Raksha Bandhan-The Thread of Safety


Raksha bandhan is a Hindu tradition wherein sister ties a bracelet on the wrists of her brother. This festival is followed from the era where Rani Draupadi tied Rakhi on the wrists of Lord Krishna. In Sanskrit, Raksha bandhan means “tie of protection”. This tradition marks the bond of love between siblings. A sister ties a silken read thread on her brothers wrists, in turn he vows to protect her. Sacred verses are spoken while tying this thread of protection. This festival marks the love of siblings and their intangible bond with each other.  On this day, both the brother and sister wish each other good health and peace, sealing it with a thread.

It is a tradition widely celebrated in Indian subcontinents. It had no scientific significance or theory displaying why is it important to mark such a day.  Is it really important? This question might hit some people who believe in facts rather than beliefs. This story answers clears our doubts.  It left an global impact and got me introspecting.

Raksha Bandhan to promise protection

Bridger Walker a 6-year old boy who saved his sister under baneful circumstances. They were attacked by an aggressive dog and this 6 year old saved his sister. This story was gained recognition globally through social media when a family member shared via instagram.  On 9th of July Bridger and his sister went to the backyard with one of their friends and there were a “nice” and a “mean” dog. The mean dog ran at them and Bridger stepped to the side, in front so he wouldn’t get to her sister.  He kept moving and then the dog latched onto his cheek. Even with the dog firmly latched on, Bridger yelled for his sister to “run”. Boy gets 90 stitches after saving little sister from dog attack ...

When the dog released him he ran onto his sister and moved to safer part of the yard.

While Bridger was in hospital, his father asked him why he stepped in front of the dog.

If someone had to die, I thought it should be me” Bridger reportedly told his father between scans, something his father found “challenging”.

This story went viral in seconds. His family wanted to share a message with the world to stand up and protect the most vulnerable or those the world might abandon. This story profoundly portrays the unseen bond between siblings. Also, how far can one go to protect his/her family.

This story is a beautiful depiction of love and that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. If you love , care and protect your family you’re a Hero.

Bridgers efforts were appreciated by Anne hathaway, Chris evans, Chris Hemsworth , Tom Holland  and many other reel life heroes.

With the fast evolving worlds traditions and festivals  are losing their importance and meaning. They might seem impractical to some people. Stories like these not only catch our attention but also gets us thinking. Traditions have evolved with time and for good.

“Traditions, if handled judiciously, can be great assets for society.” –Stated by  Madhu Kishwar .

In my opinion festivals and tradition are a emblem of togetherness and love. Rakhi symbolizes sentiments of brothers and sisters their affection and friendship.  This festival help in maintaining family bonds and makes this day a enrapturing experience.  Raksha bandhan

It starts with dressing up in traditional Indian clothes, preparation of foods, savory and sweet.  The house is decorated with flowers. A thali is prepared for pooja decorated on the bamboo plate with mirrors, round bowls, pearls etc. The thali contains chawal,sweets, diya and rakhi.

An exchange of gifts takes place after tying rakhi, which acts as promise to protect their sisters from any harm. This marks an exchange of sacred fellings and well wishing. An act of unity and a message of togetherness is proposed by celebrating Raksha bandhan.

I hope this rakhi is special for everyone. Love and cherish your family members. One day every year we cherish our bond with our siblings and wish them peace and happiness.  Let your brothers and sisters know that they mean the world to you.

Thank you!

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Why Fly To MARS? When We Have All On Earth Itself!

Why do we have missions to Mars but not to Mercury? Mostly because there’s some anticipation that Mars can support life, whereas, Mercury can’t. This is because the daytime temperature on Mercury reaches to 430 degree Celsius, probably hot enough to melt lead and during night it cools down to -183 degree Celsius, cold enough to liquefy oxygen.

Now the questions arise; why are we even planning to live on some other planet? Is earth not enough? Are we so greedy that the millions of resources which are helping us survive will happen to totally exhaust one day? Or we are really finding a planet to ensure the survival of our next generation?
There are many questions but with scanty answers.

Human beings often forget that we are completely dependent on Mother Nature and become ignorant towards caring for it. But the Covid-19 lockdown is healing the planet in a way never seen before in living history! Well, it’s too early to tell if these transitions will last forever. Experts say, the environment would suffer once the quarantine measures are lifted and industries would work double the time to make for what they have lost.
There is no doubt, the COVID restrictions have impacted the environment positively.

According to a survey, China’s nitrogen level has dropped by 30% after the lockdown started in January as the industries and cars (the primary producers of N02) were brought to a stop. A research found that the coal consumption fell by 40%. Also, China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment reported a decrease in chemicals, phosphorus and ammonia in the country’s surface water during this period.

The fear of food shortage is another aspect that is slowly bringing the world to its knees. This pandemic has taught one important lesson, ‘Grow your own food’. Look around you and find spaces that could be filled with food. But the real interest in urban farming will only show once the lockdown is over. There have been reports of panic buying during the lockdown. Food shortages are predicted to cause violent and unrest – a senior economist at FAO said.

Plants are growing better because there is cleaner air and water and because of less human interference.

What’s happening in India?
 The number of flamingoes has increased in Mumbai as a result of lockdown. The birds normally migrate to the Navi Mumbai area every year but there is a massive increase in their numbers this year.

Air quality- India has also observed a drastic change, a positive one, in the air quality. The sky seems cleaner now. Even the birdsong seems much louder. Delhi, the most polluted city is now breathing in fresh air after a long time.

Water quality– since there are no boats, whether they be fishing or pleasure ones, plying on the rivers and waterways, the water has cleared up. No doubt, because of the lesser human footfall even the oceans are recovering. The critically endangered, Ganges River dolphins are back after 30 years just because of less water pollution near Kolkata Ghats.

Ganga river is now fit for drinking,. Water from Har-ki-Pauri in Haridwar was tested and the results reveal that the water here isfit for drinking after chlorination’, for the first time in decades. Water quality improved tremendously in the upstream but downstream Varanasi has seen very little change,” said a CPCB scholar working on the Clean Ganga project.

Effect on wildlife- lockdown has seen a decline in fishing, which means that the fish biomass will increase after over fishing almost, depleted it.

With less fear of busy streets and humans trapped indoors, animals are returning to roam around their urbanized habitats. In many cities with busy freeways, less vehicles on the road also means less road killing of these animals.

So, overall there is a positive impact on environment with COVID restrictions. It teaches us a lesson that If we all work together and responsibly, we can make these improvements permanent and there will be no need to plan expensive missions to other planet when we have lots to do here.

The conclusion is, we can save Earth for our future generations by using the resources wisely. Earth has abundant of resources which can make our lives easy and happy.

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE- The sustainability concept

We all are very much familiar with these simple-seeming words with their deep meaning. We’ve come across these words a hundred times but how many times you think you’ve actually paid attention to them and tried to understand the logic and need of introducing them to the world. Millions of tons of waste are produced every year. Where it comes from we all know- houses, offices, restaurants, industries. The main problem is how to handle and minimize this bulk.
Reducing waste, reusing matter, and products and recycling them after use are some of the mightiest ways by which individuals can safeguard our environment. Now the question arises,

‘Why should I Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3R)?’
So, here’s why you should get involved as the 3 R’s concept helps in
• Economize energy
• Avert environmental problems that arise due to landfills
• Put a stop to pollution.
• Saving money🤑
• Conserving resources for our future generation
• Cut down emissions from industries
• Creating employment
• Decreasing the need for new landfills and incinerators
• Reducing mining activities which means less destruction to wildlife and forests.
Reducing the bulk of rubbish you generate is an eminent move towards serving our mother earth. Here’s what you can do:
• Say NO to plastic bags. These are the worst that you can provide the earth with.
• Select packaging with less waste
• Avoid using plastic ware and paper plates, use dishware that can be washed
• Buy things that you will use in the immediate future


Many frequently thrown away units are readily usable in their current form. Instead of tossing an item in the trash bin, you can think of alternatives of using it again or giving it to someone who needs it. Also, it can be repaired if possible.
Give your discards a chance of second life by holding a yard sale or donating them at charitable outlets. Donate used books to the library.


The energy used to assemble a product is a direct energy cost. The energy used to procure raw materials – for transportation, distribution, and even disposal contributes to indirect energy costs. Adopt the composting method to discard most of the household waste.
What all can be recycled?-
 Newspapers
 Magazines
 Steel/aluminum cans
 Cardboards
 Glass/plastic bottles

Recycling facts
1. Recycling the steel from 6 cars can provide enough steel framing for a 2000 square foot building.
2. Recycling 1 aluminum can save sufficient energy to power a television for 3 hours.
3. If not recycled, o.95 liters of used motor oil could pollute a large amount of drinking water.
4. Energy saved from recycling helps the environment by reducing energy-related air pollution.


• I refrigerate the used tea bags and place them over my eyes to reduce puffiness, soothe insect bites and minor burns and then add the contents in the bag to my garden soil.               
• I wrap the holiday lights onto my empty toilet rolls to prevent them from tangling.
• Cut fabric into rags for outdoor and indoor cleaning.
• Store plastic bags for my future shopping trips.
• Sprinkle eggshells on the soil below plants which help to boost growth due to calcium in them.                                       
• Orange and lemon peels are crushed and used as a face and body scrub.                 
• I love painting, so instead of buying a color palette, I use egg tray holes to mix colors and to grow small plants.                   
• Glass jar is used as an outdoor windproof candle by adding beeswax votive, provided the container is heat resistant. Aha, the decoration looks so adorable.



• Soap silvers are either added to the next bar or made into a handmade loofah sponge by placing them in small mesh bags.                                           


Landfills release a large amount of methane which contributes to climate change. This is the most common practice nowadays.


Encourage everyone to recycle, Switch to natural resources like solar energy and wind energy. Cut your energy bills by using sunlight to light up your house, use energy-saving globes. Switch off lights and equipment when not in use. Don’t use single drink plastic bottles instead use refill bottles. Don’t throw items but recycle them, about 90% of your waste can be recycled. Save our planet’s natural resources and keep the environment clean. Maintaining a clean environment is a human’s responsibility.


We are capable of coming up with new ideas with just a little effort. It’s the collective responsibility and it only takes little effort to do so, we just need to change our mindset.




Arshdeep Kaur Longia

My Lockdown Experience

The first few days of the lockdown seemed enjoyable but as days went by, many people started feeling degrees of anxiety, restlessness and despair. I believe, keeping yourself positive and calm during this horrendous catastrophe and controlling your mind when it keeps throwing out what if scenarios, like- “Will my family be safe?”, “what if I get infected?”, “How will I spend my days?” and “Will the world come to an end?”.There is already too much negativity in the world and you should make sure that you aren’t contributing to it.

The corona virus has transformed our life as we know it. Schools are closed, we’re confined to our homes and the future feels very uncertain. Even though school buildings are shuttered, that doesn’t mean learning has stopped. On-line learning is a new method that both teachers and students have adopted so quickly but we are missing sports, competitions, extracurricular activities, social plans, vacations etc. The circumstance has taught us many lessons.
Digital access must be seen as a utility now, thanks to the internet that we could continue to run schools and offices on line but students throughout the world could not access online learning tools without broadband.
Restaurants are closed but people took this opportunity to try making variety of dishes at home.
We have learned how much we need an early warning system for future crises, whether from climate change or pandemics like this. WHO needs to be more proactive in future.
Washing hands actually works. Personal hygiene is very important. Use of regular sanitizer, washing hand, using masks is very important not during the pandemic but in normal life as well, to stop the spread of virus or flu.
The world is wildly connected. The whole world has come together to fight this crisis. I have seen countries are helping each other for supply of foods, personal protective equipments and medicines. Health care workers are amazing and we owe them a huge debt, same for grocery store employees, delivery men and many other essential workers who keep us going.
COVID-19 showed us, that the globe lacks the ability to assemble a powerful intensive care capacity. This is now a clear challenge for world leaders. People will have mental and emotional health issues for a long time after this crisis, Life won’t be the same after—and that’s o.k.
Most people think that contributing to society is a duty of those who have already settled down comfortably and do not have much to do because it would not make much difference even if the average person tried to contribute to society. But people are wrong about this. If everyone has the determination to do so, they will make a change to the society.
You need not to be a millionaire to indulge in social work perhaps there are many, many ways to contribute towards society. Listing a few points off on top of my mind.
Fund raising, recycling waste, Keep your surroundings clean, Blood Donation, Plant trees, Charity, Free education, Foods, helping for basic needs of homeless people, follow environmental laws etc
By making an effort to contribute to society and encouraging those around you to do the same we can indeed make this world a better place to grow. And thus, then only we can enter the future we so dreamed of.

Arshdeep Kaur Longia 

BSc medical 

MCM DAV College,Chandigarh 

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